Do You Need Shared Telephone Lines?

Discover if your organization requires shared telephone lines or can you get away with another solution? SureTel provides insights worth checking out.

Do You Need Shared Telephone Lines? (Questions/Answers)

If you need the ability to answer calls on any device, then yes. 

Communication is more important than ever before, especially as many organizations are embracing remote work nowadays. Whether you’ve always allowed employees to work from home, you’re embracing remote work for the first time or you’re still in the office but rely heavily on your phone systems, you need to ensure your communications are set up properly to meet your unique needs. For many organizations, shared lines are overlooked, yet absolutely necessary, feature to have.

Shared Telephone Lines

What are shared lines?

Shared lines allow calls made to one phone number to be answered via multiple devices. If needed, a call can be transferred or handed off to another device sharing the same number. Basically, your phone system gives each person their own extension while shared lines ensure the availability of a phone line to call in or out. If there’s no line available, calls can be routed directly to voicemail or an external number.

This is typically required in a range of industries, including but not limited to the following:

  • Factories/warehouses
  • Restaurants
  • Retail businesses
  • Grocery stores
  • And more

What are the features of shared lines?

Shared lines offer a range of features for end-users, such as:

  • Allow lines and/or calls to be shared with multiple devices
  • Allow individuals to answer calls via any device
  • Allow calls to be put on hold and picked up from another device
  • Allow individuals to answer the phone without requiring complex features

What are the benefits of shared lines?

When shared lines make sense within an organization, they’re incredibly beneficial for end-users, customers, and overall, the organization itself. They make your communications much more affordable compared to traditional options AND they keep your customers happy, which in turn, means more business coming your way – a great way to improve your bottom line.  Here are a few of the top benefits of using shared lines:

  • The ability to cut costs and keep communications affordable
  • The ability to distribute incoming calls within a specific group
  • The ability to reach people without the need to transfer calls
  • The ability to avoid missed calls, and in turn, improve customer service
  • The ability to add and/or modify shared lines easily with a user-friendly interface

How can you get started with shared lines?

SureTel believes in providing a hands-on approach with our business telephone clients. We’re always available to help you get set up, give you a demo of our platform, and discuss your unique requirements to find out what will work best for you. Let’s find out if shared lines are right for you…

  1. Book a meeting with our business telephone experts
  2. Switch over to our VoIP services with shared lines
  3. Enjoy seamless communication that keeps your team and your customers happy