Tyler TX Church Looks To SureTel For New IP Phone Service

#1 Rated IP Phone Services for churches. Learn how a Tyler TX church improved their phone service with the assistance of SureTel.

IP Phone Services For Tyler TX Church

A communications director at a Tyler, TX Church was in search of a new VoIP solution – that’s why they came to us.

Are you fed up with your current phone system?

Whether it’s a cellphone or VoIP solution, if it doesn’t work the way you need it to, then you need to find something better. That’s what a new client of ours did just last week when they got in touch with Joanna, our service representative on our website’s 24/7 chat function:

“Hi Joanna! I’m the Communications/Media Director. I’ve been asked to look into phone services with you. VoIP Services are looking to be the direction we are currently interested in.”

Joanna responded right away, gathering more information and arranging for a meeting with our team to discuss the church’s communication needs further:

“Thank you for providing me with the information. If this is a convenient time for you to speak on the phone, I can connect you with our office right away for further assistance. Would you like to speak to someone on the phone?”

IP Phone Services For Churches

What Does This Tyler, TX Church Get With SureTel?

Using SureTel, this Tyler, TX Church gains a number of additional features and overall benefits, including:

  • Wide Range Of Features: With SureTel, this real estate company gets access to a range of enterprise-grade features:
    • Voicemail to email
    • Call screening
    • Unlimited calling in Canada and the US
    • SMS support
    • Quick and easy deployment
    • 100% US-based support
  • Flexible And Integrated Phone Services: With SureTel, remote employees can make calls directly from their devices – no additional hardware required. Furthermore, SureTel integrates its new phone system with a range of business apps such as Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and Copper.
  • Direct Assistance: Many resold VoIP solutions don’t come with the quality of support that we can offer as direct providers. If and when this company has a question, they can get in touch directly with the SureTel team for rapid and effective support.

SureTel Delivers A Convenient Business Phone Experience

Don’t change the way you work to fit the limits of your phone solution — find the one that fits your needs and expectations. SureTel gives you the features and flexibility you need in a phone solution, all at a simple monthly rate and no contract.

Talk to our team to find the features you’ve been looking for.